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Need Help? Ask a Librarian!

Does it ever feel like finding the right information for that research project is like searching for the legendary Pot of Gold?

Pot of Gold?

You're not alone. Everyone is surprised at first by the overwhelming resources available in a modern academic library. But take heart! The 6 modules in the Pot of Gold information literacy tutorial are designed to help you discover and develop the information literacies that will support your learning throughout your college years and beyond. And as you leave Notre Dame, you'll discover that information literacy is a crucial skill in both your personal and professional life. The ability to discover and assess information is a treasure that will serve you for a lifetime, so start your quest for the information Pot of Gold today!

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Finished the tutorial? Test your information literacy skills!

Completing the Pot of Gold Tutorial and successfully passing the Pot of Gold Quiz are the first steps in earning the Library Research and Information Literacy Badge.

Analyzing information sources for strengths and weaknesses is a critical skill of information literacy that is important for academic work at Notre Dame and in future employment. The Badge recognizes students who have demonstrated their skill at finding and evaluating information in a wide variety of formats from scholarly and non-scholarly sources. Using resources offered by the Hesburgh Libraries, students earning this badge will develop critical information literacy and library research skills as they pursue a unique research question.

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© 2016 | Begin Your Research tutorial content by permission from UC Irvine Libraries' Department of Education and Outreach. information literacy tutorial content adapted by permission from University of Wyoming. Where not otherwise noted, images and media originate with Hesburgh Libraries, University of Wyoming, or University of California Irvine Libraries Department of Education and Outreach. Leprechaun icon courtesy of nike air max flyknit sport vision katalog

A grid is a structure with a nike roshe run black and white winter print trainers hate f9hLTDS3Jp
used to align negative space in designs.

Using a grid makes content appear to flow more naturally on your page.

Grids divide horizontal space into indivisible units called "columns". All columns in a grid must specify their width as proportion of the total available row width.

All grid systems choose an arbitrary column count to allow per row. Semantic's default theme uses 16 columns .

The example below shows four four wide columns will fit in the first row, 16 / 4 = 4 , and three various sized columns in the second row. 2 + 8 + 6 = 16

The default column count, and other arbitrary features of grids can be changed by adjusting Semantic UI's underlying nike buys cole haan 1988

Rows are groups of columns which are aligned horizontally.

Rows can either be explicit , marked with an additional row element, or implicit , automatically occurring when no more space is left in a previous row.

After each group of columns vertical spacing is added to separate each group of columns, creating vertical rhythm.

Grid columns are separated by areas of white space referred to as "gutters". Gutters improve legibility by providing, negative space between page elements.

Gutters remain a constant size regardless of the width of the grid, or how many columns are in a row. To increase the size of gutters in a particular grid, you can use a where to buy air jordan 12 retro cny

Since all grid columns include gutters, grids use кроссовки nike free run 50 2013 silverado
to make sure that the first and last columns sit flush with content outside the grid.

In the following example, you can see even though the top row has padding, the attached button still sits flush with the edge of the grid.

In some cases, like when a column or row is tenis jordan retro 12 mercadolibre ec
, you may want to avoid using negative margins. You can do this by using a nike air max plus 2017 womens college 23A7Bvcb5

Grids are fluid and will automatically flow in size to take the maximum available width.

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are elements designed to limit page content to a reasonable maximum width for display based on the size of the user's screen.

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